Asphalt Paving

Trust our premium quality when it comes to pave your driveway. We offer a quality that lasts for years and is backed by our warranty. If your current laneway is grass, gravel or old asphalt, we manage it A to Z to ensure that the final product is a perfectly asphalted driveway.  

Asphalt Sealing

Why spend thousands of dollars on new asphalt laneway, when you can have almost the same result at a fraction of the price! Applying our Petroleum Based Asphalt Sealer, protects your asphalt from water infiltration and growing weeds, all the while giving it a brand new look! Our product is non-diluted and applied only after your driveway has been cleaned and the edges trimmed.

Crack Filling and Pot hole Patching

Commercial parking lots, small holes in a residential driveway- we do it all! We use cold patch or hot asphalt that is in accordance with the size of the job and the budget you provide us. For minor cracks, re-pouring asphalt is sometimes not necessary! Only our powerful bonding rubberized asphalt crack filler will stop the weeds and the insects from seeping through your cracks.

Asphalt Driveway Extension

Adding value to your house can be as simple as adding another parking space or two. If you want to stop parking on the grass or the mud because you have no room in your driveway, we have a solution for you! Our expertise in the domain, makes us your choice when it comes to a driveway extension. Big or small- we can do it all!

Asphalt Repair

Re-level your foundation; make asphalt ramps; cut your old asphalt to install new hot or cold asphalt, are all services that we offer!

Parking Line Painting

The first impression that a customer has of your store is rarely the building itself, but rather the parking lot they enter through. Investing in the look of your parking lot will not only attract more customers, but it will make it safer for those who choose to come.


Our experienced operators will make sure that your projects come to life at ease, causing you the least worry possible. We can tackle any excavation project, commercial or residential, at an affordable price! 


Installing a patio in your backyard, making a walkway to your front door, or bringing to life your asphalt with a border made of pavers will now be made easy with J&S Paving. We have the best prices on the best stones, due to our great relationship with suppliers. This relationship with suppliers and our expertise, make it possible for us to offer to our clients the cheapest rates. Many years of experience in the domain, make us a safe and effective solution to your landscaping needs. 

Bobcat Services

Our skilled operators can tackle any projects that require the operation of a Skidsteer Loader (Bobcat). Moving something heavy from your backyard, grading rocks, hauling material, etc., are all services provided by our company.

Septic System Installation and Repair

Fully regulated and licensed by the MMAH for the Septic System Installation, we offer this service backed by our warranty and we work directly with municipalities inspectors to make sure the job is done perfectly and safely. We offer the service of connecting a new tank to the new services or replacing the old one.

Sod Installation

Grass Fertilizers and Grass Seeding are a great combo to get a healthy rich grass- and we do both! Installing Sod, or just overlaying your current burned, an unhealthy grass- with a fresh new layer, are also jobs we can complete! 

Lots More...

Whether you need to remove a tree, plant a new one; install mulch; have your grass mowed; have your asphalt or stones cut; have your stones pressure washed between the cracks; have polymeric sand installed between your stones – we can do it! Any outdoor job you can think of, we can more than likely do, so give us a try!!

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